Monday, January 27, 2014

BizTalk 2013 Installation Bug: Enterprise Single Sign-On Error

While Installing BizTalk I received the following Error that Enterprise Single Sign-On should be installed manually.

Well this had not occured while installing previous versions of BizTalk. So I was a little bit curious as to what am I missing on the Server.
So I started installing the redistributable prerequisites manually as this is what BizTalk installation does first.

What I noticed is 
After installing .Net Framework 4.5 from the .cab file I tried to run the BizTalk installation again as normal and selected the .cab file I downloaded.
And it worked fine and BizTalk 2013 was installed successfully with Enterprise Single Sign-On and all other features.
So seems Enterprise Single Sign-On  installation needs .Net Framework 4.5 to be in  place before it can be installed and BizTalk Installation is messing it up somewhere while installing the redistributable prerequisites.

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