Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BiztalkR2 Installation issues

 Installing Biztalk 2006 R2 upto perfection on Multi Server Environment is still a nightmare.
Ideally Biztalk Configuration Management should take care of Basic configurations.
I had to use Custom Configuration Settings to configure it.
Errors I encountered and Resolution.
Business Rule Engine got installed successfully without any errors.
I had Errors with Group and Biztalk Runtime.
Errors with Groups.
Biztalk UserID needs enough rights on the Server.Make sure the Uer is a sysadim on the Server.

Errors with Runtime.
ONe was regarding SQL Server douesnot exist,Database file is not deleted.
In my case Configuration had failed previously,so there were few database files inside MS SQL/Data folder which needs to be deleted.

Creation of Adapter FILE Configuration Store entries failed biztalk runtime configuration.
Just Start the RPC-Local Service inside Windows Services Manager.
Note-There are 2 RPC Services.

After installation I saw few errors in Eventlog.
If you get an error in Eventlog Regarding Some TDDS locks on any of the Biztalk Databases.Refer following link for solution.

I even had issues with Visual Studio 2005 SP2.
error 2755.
I was executing the exe from C Drive.
I just copied it to D Drive and executed it from there....worked fine.Seems some encryption is causing problems for the exe to execute from C Drive.

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