Friday, January 27, 2006

Output validation error: Root element is missing....Biztalk Map

Recently while  working on a map I constantly used to get this error
Error 3 Output validation error: Root element is missing
I thought that since I have not mapped few Destination fields it might be throwing such error.
I tried setting Output Validation False for the Map.
Still I was getting the same error.
The Map was a simple one to one link map.
I was confident that my input xml file was perfect and  I did confirm it by Validating it against the Input Schema again.
It got succeeded.No errors at all.
Now where could be the problem be.
So I just googled and got this link by Stephen.
And then I cross verified my Target namespace in the input Schema with the input xml file.
There was a blank space before and after the namespace in my Schema which was creating this problem for me.
Moral of the story:
" Validating the xml file against the Schema never assures that the two match each other".

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